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A lot of people are confounded by the terms wireless internet and mobile internet. One would normally think that if you are accessing the worldwide web while out of the home or office, you are utilizing the services of a mobile access internet provider and since you are mobile, the internet you are using is automatically wireless. Now let us focus on the difference of mobile access internet and wireless internet before you subscribe to an internet service provider.

Unlike the egg and chicken impasse of what came first, wireless technology was developed first. Most homes and offices are hooked up on the internet using broadband connections that cabled or wired. Modern laptops and PCs have built-in wireless cards that can detect an internet network that is turned on within a specific area. Now, if the home or office internet connections are coupled with a gadget called a router, PCs and laptops equipped with wireless cards can detect the internet signal being transmitted by the router and the user will be able to surf the internet. This type of connection is called wireless internet.

On the other hand, mobile access internet is a totally distinctive type of connection or access. However, its only similarity with the wireless type of internet is it is also wireless, of course. Unlike wireless internet which only provides a limited area of connectivity, a mobile internet’s broadcast has a wider range since the signal comes from internet towers very similar to the ones being used by cellular phone companies. Mobile internet’s scope can be detected for miles around. That is the main difference between mobile internet and wireless technology.

But that is not all. Wireless internet is more prone to unauthorized log ins especially when the username and password for internet access has been compromised. However, that is not the same with mobile internet. Can you use the phone number and account of another cellular phone user if you do not have his/her physical SIM card? That would be impossible. And the same is true with trying to hack another person’s mobile internet subscription. Security-wise, mobile internet is safer.

Though limited in range, wireless internet allows you great mobility and ease of movement at home and in the office. When you want a colleague to see a particular scene or topic on your laptop, you do not need to give him the URL for him/her to see the same. Outside the confines of the home and office, you still can continue whatever you are doing utilizing mobile internet connectivity. The world is accelerating its ascent to the future because the ease of communication and the speed it is sent.

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